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    Theodore Roosevelt

    National Park North Dakota

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  • Road Construction

    Visitors to the South Unit may experience up to 30 minute delays and rough road conditions due to road construction along East River Road. Check at South Unit Visitor Center for current road conditions. Updated 07/09/2014 5:16 pm MT

Fire Regime

Fire is an important natural process of the prairie ecosystem in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Without fire for many years, grasslands tend toward woodier plants such as sage and juniper. Fires provide circumstances where fast-growing grasses and forbs flourish. Periodic fires create a mosaic of different-aged grasslands, each with a unique assortment of plants that provide food and refuge for the wide variety of birds and mammals that live in the park.

More information on wildfire, prescribed fire, and fire's role in the park may be found on the park's Fire Management page.

Did You Know?


Coyotes and badgers both benefit by cooperating to catch prairie dogs. The badger tunnels into the prairie dog burrow after its prey while the coyote waits by the exit to catch prairie dogs fleeing from the badger. More...