• The setting sun over the Flint Hills casts shadows across the wide expanse of tallgrass prairie.

    Tallgrass Prairie

    National Preserve Kansas

There are park alerts in effect.
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  • Recent Aggressive Bison Behavior

    Bison have recently exhibited some aggressive behavior. Hikers are alerted. Hiking is still available with alternate trails around Windmill Pasture. If hiking through the pasture, please stay at least 100 yards away from the bison or turn around. More »

For Kids

Scout Ranger Patch

Resource Stewardship Scout Ranger Patch

Junior Rangers at the Preserve

Earn a Junior Ranger certificate, badge, and/or patch at the preserve.

  • Junior Rangers at the Preserve

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is looking for special Junior Rangers. To earn a Junior Ranger badge from the preserve, you must complete the activities found in the activity book. Come to the park and receive a booklet or print a copy of the booklet now. Complete five activities, then mail the booklet to the preserve. The rangers will check your work and mail the booklet back to you, along with an official Junior Ranger badge.

Visit Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in person (or virtually) to earn your badge and become a Junior Ranger today!

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Leave No Trace patch

Leave No Trace Patch

  • Junior Ranger Leave No Trace Activities

    Visit the preserve in person and earn a patch after completing the Leave No Trace Scavenger Hunt. Children will learn about the seven very important principles of Leave No Trace during the activity. Ask a ranger for details.

Join the fun!

New Junior Rangers at the Preserve
New Junior Rangers at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
National Park Service

Did You Know?

Spring Hill Ranch at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Stephen F. Jones spent the modern equivalent of about $1.9 million building the Spring Hill Ranch complex including the stone fences, but only owned the property for 10 years and occupied the limestone ranch house for 5 1/2 years. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve