• An engineer inspects the running gear of a steam locomotive at Steamtown NHS


    National Historic Site Pennsylvania


The Voluneteer In Park (VIP) Patch

NPS Volunteer-in-Park (VIP) Patch

About the VIP Program at Steamtown National Historic Site

Volunteer opportunities at Steamtown NHS are diverse - from Info Desk Attendant to Tour Guide in the Interpretive Division, from Trainmen to Engineers in Railroad Operations, mechanics, sheet metal fabricators, and curatorial assistants. Our varied opportunities exist to help fulfill the Park mission and Comprehensive Interpretive Plan to preserve this important part our industrial heritage!

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at Steamtown NHS, read the Introductory Letter and complete and return the VIP Application, both below. For more information, please email the Park Volunteer Coordinator.

To view more NPS volunteer opportunities, visit volunteer.gov/gov


Did You Know?

A cup of water expands to 1,600 times its volume when boiled, changing from a liquid to a gas!

When boiled, a cup of water creates about 1,600 cups of steam! When the resulting steam is contained in a vessel such as a steam locomotive boiler, it can create up to 300 pounds per square inch of pressure. Learn more about steam locomotives at Steamtown National Historic Site! More...