• An engineer inspects the running gear of a steam locomotive at Steamtown NHS


    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

Life in a Caboose Program

A child steps from a bright red Rutland Railroad wooden caboose on display in the Techhology Museum.

Find out what life was like inside a caboose on this 30-minute walking tour.

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Until the early 1980s, the red (or brown, yellow, blue, green, etc.) caboose captured the imagination of children of all ages. Using a caboose from the Rutland Railroad, visitors can find out how and why the caboose was used, and what life was like inside this small car at the end of a train.

Included in the Park Entrance Fee.

Note: This is an interpretive tour program, and does not include a caboose ride.

Did You Know?

Drawing of mechanical engineer Elijay McCoy, creator of the 'real McCoy' automatic lubricator.

Elijah J. McCoy, a brilliant African-American mechanical engineer, invented an automatic lubricator cup (or drip cup) for steam locomotives and other machines. It worked so well that inspectors, when checking in a new piece of machinery, would ask, "Is it the real McCoy?" More...