• An engineer inspects the running gear of a steam locomotive at Steamtown NHS


    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

Caboose Experience Short Train Ride

CN 3254, a freight locomotive built in 1917, pulls a flatcar and a Delaware, Lackawanna & Western caboose in the Scranton railroad yard.

CN 3254, a freight locomotive built in 1917, pulls a flat car and a DL&W caboose in the yard at Steamtown.

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Steamtown offers the "Caboose Experience" train ride on selected days during the summer. This short (15- to 30-minute) train ride gives visitors a chance to ride in a steam-era caboose. Visitors are often surprised at how uncomfortable, cramped and noisy a caboose can be. Spending up to 12 hours in one during the steam era was, to say the least, trying.

Did You Know?

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When boiled, a cup of water creates about 1,600 cups of steam! When the resulting steam is contained in a vessel such as a steam locomotive boiler, it can create up to 300 pounds per square inch of pressure. Learn more about steam locomotives at Steamtown National Historic Site! More...