• An engineer inspects the running gear of a steam locomotive at Steamtown NHS


    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

Caboose Experience Short Train Ride

CN 3254, a freight locomotive built in 1917, pulls a flatcar and a Delaware, Lackawanna & Western caboose in the Scranton railroad yard.

CN 3254, a freight locomotive built in 1917, pulls a flat car and a DL&W caboose in the yard at Steamtown.

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Steamtown offers the "Caboose Experience" train ride on selected days during the summer. This short (15- to 30-minute) train ride gives visitors a chance to ride in a steam-era caboose. Visitors are often surprised at how uncomfortable, cramped and noisy a caboose can be. Spending up to 12 hours in one during the steam era was, to say the least, trying.

Did You Know?

The Wright Flyer flew 120 feet on its first flight.  The largest steam engine at Steamtown is 12 feet longer!

The first flight of the Wright Flyer was 120 feet. That is 12 feet less than the length of one of the steam locomotives at Steamtown National Historic Site. The Union Pacific 'Big Boy', built in 1941, is 132 feet, 9 3/4 inches long! More...