• An engineer inspects the running gear of a steam locomotive at Steamtown NHS


    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

Living History Program: Mail by Train

Workers load bags of mail onto a Railway Post Office Car.  Historic Photo

Workers load mail onto a Louisville & Nashville Railroad Railway Post Office car.  You can learn about the people who worked in these cars on the Mail by Train living history program.

Library of Congress, FSA

Step back in time and join a Railway Mail Clerk for a look at this fascinating piece of railroad history.

Program begins at the Railway Post Office Car in the History Museum. Included in the Park Entrance Fee.

Did You Know?

Drawing of African Elephant.  Steamtown has a locomotive which weighs about as much as 85 African Elephants.

The Union Pacific 'Big Boy' locomotive, one of 25 built to this design, weighs just under 600 tons - approximately as much as 83 adult male African elephants! It is on display at Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, Pennsylvania. More...