• View of Springfield Armory overlooking the city of Springfield, 1855

    Springfield Armory

    National Historic Site Massachusetts

For Kids

Become a Junior Ranger at Springfield Armory National Historic Site!

The Junior Ranger area in the Visitor Center has fun activities for ages 6 and up that encourage exploration and discovery using the park's museum and exhibits.

  • Learn about David Lyle's "Life-Saving Gun" that threw ropes to ships and crews in distress!
  • Discover the Springfield rifles of the Civil War!
  • Meet the people and explore the inventions that contributed to the American Industrial Revolution!
  • and much more!

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Junior Ranger 2011
A new Junior Ranger poses with his certificate that he earned at Springfield Armory NHS!
Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS

Did You Know?

Main Arsenal at Springfield Armory NHS. Photo (c) James Langone

Springfield Arsenal, a military supply depot, was sited by General Henry Knox, and approved by General George Washington in 1777. The arsenal became known as Springfield Armory in 1794 when on-site small arms manufacturing was approved by President Washington. More...