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    South Carolina

    National Heritage Corridor South Carolina

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there signs to guide you along the Heritage Corridor?

Way-finding signs are in place to mark the routes of the Heritage Corridor. However, these are simply guides! There is so much to see in the interior communities of the Heritage Corridor.

How can I get a brochure?

Our brochures are distributed at the nine SC Welcome Centers when you first enter the state, as well as at all of our major partner locations and our Discovery Centers. If you would like to receive a selection in the mail, please e-mail Edgefielddc@scprt.com and they will be in your hands in no time! Also, our website has a place where you can request them if you go the brochure rack portion of the site. Coming soon to our website is a downloadable brochure!

Where do I start?

The Heritage Corridor is 14 counties long and over 240 sq. miles! So, where do you start? There is no single way to travel the SCNHC. We have two routes you can follow- a Discovery Route and a Nature Route- which are great alternatives to the monotonous interstates! The routes offer beauty, variety and a taste of southern culture and history. You can also pick a region or niche category and create your own route! The Discovery Centers, one in Edgefield and one in Blackville, are also a great way to start. The staffs at these centers are happy to assist you in planning your trip and giving recommendations on what to visit and where to find that authentic southern cuisine. We will even make your lodging reservations for you!

Did You Know?

Table Rock State Park

Table Rock State Park- within the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor- got its name from Cherokee Indians, who believed that the Great Spirit used the mountain as a dining table and the shorter mountain as a seat, thus giving them the English names of Table Rock and The Stool.