Sitka National Historical Park cares for more than 154,000 museum collection items. Tlingit ethnographic items, Russian American archeological and historical items, historical photos, archives, and herbarium specimens are found in the collection. Highlights of the collection include totem poles, Chilkat weaving, Tlingit oral history recordings, 19th century Russian furniture, Russian Orthodox icons and vestments, and two hundred original glass plate negatives by Sitkan photographer E.W. Merrill.
Centennial Pole

Raised in 2011, Sitka NHP's Centennial Pole commemorates the park's 100th anniversary.

Totem Poles
Sitka NHP's totem poles are powerful symbols that draw people to Alaska, provide a tangible link to the past, and serve as a lasting memorial to native cultural heritage.

View the park's collection of totem poles.

Merrill photographs are as important for the historical information they preserve as they are for their artistic composition.

E.W. Merrill

E.W. Merrill Photographs
The photographer most closely associated with the park is E.W. Merrill, legendary Sitka art photographer. Sitka NHP has a collection of more than 200 glass negatives.


The Doris Borhauer Collection
The collection is comprised of 92 spruce root baskets created by Tlingit and Haida weavers from Southeast Alaska. Typically, only a portion of the collection is on display.

View the entire basket collection.

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