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Union Siege Guns on Grant's Last Line

Union Siege Guns on Grant's Last Line

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Shiloh National Military Park contains a wide array of historic sites. In addition to the battlefield of Shiloh itself, the park contains a separate unit at Corinth, Mississippi, that preserves and interprets the Siege and Battle of Corinth. Located within the boundaries of Shiloh park is also a United States National Cemetery, which contains around 4,000 soldiers and their family members. A National Historic Landmark in its own right, the Shiloh Indian Mounds are also located with the park boundaries. Click on the links below for more information on the history of each of these areas.

Shiloh Battlefield

Shiloh National Cemetery

Shiloh Indian Mounds

Corinth Battlefield

Davis Bridge Battlefield

Slavery: The Cause and Catalyst of the Civil War

Did You Know?

Shiloh National Cemetery

Shiloh National Cemetery was established in 1866. In that year, the War Department removed the Federal bodies from the battlefield and placed them in the cemetery. Today, around 4,000 military veterans lay in the quiet and secluded location on the banks of the Tennessee River.