Visitors at Dickey Ridge Visitor Center learn about Shenandoah at the "Experience Shenandoah" exhibit.

"Experience Shenandoah" exhibit at Dickey Ridge Visitor Center

Dickey Ridge Visitor Center at mile 4.6 has both a movie and an interactive exhibit designed to introduce you to your Shenandoah experience. From the wide-angle view of our overlooks, to an up-close examination of nature, this exhibit is a great appetizer to the delights of the park.

Two Shenandoah visitors learn about the creation of Shenandoah National Park while viewing the exhibit at Byrd Visitor Center.

Byrd Visitor Center exhibit

Byrd Visitor Center at milepost 51 debuted a new exhibit in late 2006. It tells the stories of Shenandoah's establishment and development, including the controversial acquisition of privately owned land, the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the little-known story of desegregation in the 1930s and 40s. As each decade has unfolded, Shenandoah's landscape had changed in reflection of American's values. This exhibit chronicles those changes and seeks to involve you in the future of Shenandoah.

Also at Byrd you'll find a selection of movies including Shenandoah, The Gift.

All along Skyline Drive, and at most developed areas you will find panels and bulletin boards with additional information about Shenandoah’s hot topics. On your next visit to Shenandoah, spend some time getting to know your national park!

Visitors read informative exhibit panels at historic Rapidan Camp.

Visitors can learn about the Hoover Presidency at historic Rapidan Camp.

NPS John F. Mitchell

Rapidan Camp is the former summer retreat of President Herbert and First Lady Lou Henry Hoover. The President's House has been historically refurnished and The Prime Minister's cabin is the site of an exhibit. The exhibit explains the Hoovers' choice of a vacation home in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains and tells the story of their tumultuous presidency. Check the ranger programs schedule for directions and times to visit.

You can hike (4 miles round trip or a 7.4-mile loop) to Rapidan Camp. Get a map of the Rapidan Camp area here.

The exhibits at Rapidan Camp are open intermittently. Check at Byrd Visitor Center for times/days exhibits are open.

Meticulously-restored Massanutten Lodge contains the

The "Women of Skyland" interpretive exhibit resides within recently restored Massanutten Lodge at Skyland.

NPS John F. Mitchell

Massanutten Lodge was the home of Addie Nairn Pollock, co-owner of Skyland Resort. The lodge's living room has been historically refurnished. The lodge also houses an exhibit, "The Women of Skyland", which documents the lives of several women who frequented the resort in the Roaring 20s. Although from very different backgrounds, they all held in common the need to reach beyond many of the social barriers of the time. Check the ranger program schedule for times to visit.


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