• Scenic rural landscape with green lawn, cloud-flecked blue sky, and autumn foliage punctuated by a small, deep red farmhouse and red cannon carriages.


    National Historical Park New York

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Composite picture showing four Battlefield tour scenes.  These are the Neilson House at top left, fortification marker posts at top right, the

Four battlefield views: Neilson House,  marker posts, Boot Monument, and Great Redoubt.

Saratoga National Historical Park

Battlefield Virtual Tour

Welcome to Saratoga National Historical Park, which preserves and interprets sites associated with the American Revolutionary War Battles of Saratoga —the “most important battle of the last 1000 years.”

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Did You Know?

Picture of a brick and clay baking oven.

Bread, pies, cookies --delicious! Baking in the 18th century was done in brick or clay "beehive" ovens. Heated by building a fire inside that was burned down to coals and ash, the heat stored in the brick and clay baked the food. A wooden plug covered the front opening and kept heat inside.