• Scenic rural landscape with green lawn, cloud-flecked blue sky, and autumn foliage punctuated by a small, deep red farmhouse and red cannon carriages.


    National Historical Park New York

Saratoga Monument Virtual Tour


Saratoga Monument: a majestic, imposing stone obelisk built 1877-1882.

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Welcome to Saratoga Monument, part of Saratoga National Historical Park!

Nice Monument, but, why’s it here?

A very good question! Why do you think it might be here?

Because something important happened here, right?

Monuments do commemorate something, or someone, of importance, that’s true. Saratoga Monument, which you see here, commemorates the American victory in the Battle of Saratoga. That Revolutionary War battle has been called “the most important battle of the last 1000 years.” It was this American victory that secured critical foreign recognition and assistance, without which the experiment in American independence would likely have ended in failure.

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Did You Know?

Grayscale picture of the Blockhouse.  The Neilson House is visible to the right and rear.

Before Saratoga National Historical Park was a National Park Service site, it was a New York State historical preserve (1927-1938). The park's first visitor center was a reproduced blockhouse that reportedly contained boards from a local barn that existed during the Battles of Saratoga.