Salt, Societies, and Spirituality: A Tale of Two Cultures.

Tucked away in the middle of New Mexico you’ll find Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument. The three sites offer a glimpse into a unique time in history. A time entrenched with cultural borrowing, conflict, and struggles. The now abandoned sites stand as reminders of the Spanish and Pueblo People’s early encounters.


Image of Abo Mission

Cultural Resources

Discover what makes Salinas Pueblo Missions one of New Mexico's most significant Cultural and Historical Resource.

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Natural Resources

Salinas Pueblo Missions was set aside for its importance of the Cultural Resources, however, spectacular Natural Resources are also abundant.

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Special Events Calendar

Special Events

Click here for upcoming special events at Salinas Pueblo Missions.

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Things To Do

Learn about what makes Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument a special place and plan your visit.

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Map of Salinas Area

Directions to Salinas Pueblo Missions

Find your way to one of our three park units or the central visitor center in Mountainair, New Mexico.

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