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Quarai Torreon
The Quarai Torreon.
SAPU Museum Collection

A Torreon, meaning "fortified building" or "tower", is a circular defensive structure built like a castle keep. The remains of a torreon are visible in the Luceros structures southeast of the Quarai Mission. These later reoccupation structures were built during the second attempt to move back to the area by the Luceros family after the first attempt was ended by Apache raids in 1830. The torreon was probably built in the 1840s or 1850s. It is unknown if the torreon was ever used during subsequent raids.

The torreon prior to stabilization. Date unknown.
SAPU Museum Collection

Did You Know?

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Unlike the residents of Gran Quivira and Abó, who mainly spoke Tompiro, the residents of Quaraí spoke Tiwa.