• Afternoon clouds cover the distance peaks of the iconic Boney Mountain

    Santa Monica Mountains

    National Recreation Area California

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  • Water Shut Off, Solstice Canyon 4/15/2014

    4/15/2014: The water will be shut off at Solstice Canyon all day. This will affect the water fountain and hand-washing stations at the restrooms.

Bullfrogs (Lithobates catesbeianus)

A bullfrog sits on a branch.

Bullfrogs were accidentally introduced to the western United States through the aquarium trade and trout stockings, and were purposely introduced for pest control and hunting. A lack of native predators of the bullfrog has resulted in significant impacts on the native amphibian, reptile, and fish populations due to bullfrog predation. Bullfrogs eat practically anything that they can catch and swallow, including terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates, fish, other frogs, turtles, snakes, birds, mammals, etc. With limited population control, these amphibians can cause significant harm to an ecosystem before being eaten or moving on to a new habitat.

You’ll find them in the freshwater habitats (streams, marshes, stagnant waters, ditches, canals, lakes etc) in the Santa Monica Mountains.

What you can do!

Stop releasing your pets into the wild! Bullfrogs are hardy animals and just one individual can decimate a large area. Cease intentional stocking of bullfrogs for sport and encourage others to keep native frogs as pets.

Did You Know?

Rangers from California State Parks and the National Park Service discuss program ideas.

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area was established in 1978, but the National Park Service did not own public parkland in the area until 1980. National Park Rangers devised clever ways to promote the national park goals without land by creating thriving partnerships with many agencies.