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Historic photo showing the buildings and activities on Derby Wharf, c. 1900.
This historic photo depicts Derby Wharf around 1890, at the end of the Age of Sail.
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The maritime history of Salem, Massachusetts stretches back nearly four hundred years. Today, you can explore that history at Salem Maritime National Historic Site through guided tours, exhibits, wayside signs, junior ranger programs, and free orientation films.

Did You Know?

The octant is a navigational tool based on the curve of one eighth of a circle. It measures angles for solar and celestial navigation.

In 1799, Salem native Nathaniel Bowditch revised John H. Moore's New Practical Navigator, the standard navigation manual of the 18th century. Bowditch discovered and corrected over 8,000 errors in Moore's manual! In 1802, Bowditch published the New American Practical Navigator.