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The Superintendent of Salem Maritime National Historic Site is the top park official, responsible for managing and supervising all park operations and activities. A division chief heads each division. Contact Superintendent Micahael Quijano-West @ (978) 815-1722.

The Interpretation & Education Division is responsible for information/education programs and services provided to park visitors and neighbors. The division manages park publications, interpretive exhibits, the Salem Visitor Center and media relations. Interpretive rangers provide a variety of ranger-led programs to the public. A curriculum-based education program reaches many students in local schools in the spring and fall. Contact Chief Jonathan Parker @ (978) 210-4245.

The Maintenance Division maintains all roads, trails, buildings, utilities, grounds, vehicles, boats (including the Friendship of Salem) and other physical facilities in the park to assure their safe use. Contact Chief Tim Thornhill @ (978) 740-1671.

The Protection Division is responsible for law enforcement, special park uses, emergency medical services, fire management, and security of park facilities, buildings, and park-owned housing. Contact Chief Mike Parr @ (978) 740-1696.

The Resource Stewardship Division provides guidance to park management on all matters related to cultural and natural resources. The division conducts or oversees studies on cultural and natural resources. The division also maintains an extensive museum collection. Contact Acting Chief Emily Murphy @ (978) 740-1691.

The management team and staff at Salem Maritime also manage Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site in Saugus, MA.

Did You Know?

Three soldiers wearing uniforms of the Second Corps of Cadets from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Regional Visitor Center in Salem was once the drill shed of the Salem Armory. The Armory was built by the Second Corps of Cadets, a unit of the Massachusetts National Guard. More...