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National Park Service Volunteers

National Park Service Volunteers come from all walks of life. Students, professionals and retirees form part of a very special program called the Volunteer In Parks (or VIP) Program.

Volunteers offer their precious time and energy to help the National Park Service accomplish its mission of preserving and protecting natural, historical and cultural resources for this and future generations.

Do you like new experiences? Would you like to use your knowledge and skills to help protect a national treasure?

This is an invitation to all interested individuals who would like to make a difference and share their time and expertise. If you wish to become a volunteer please contact Cesar Carreras, Volunteer Coordinator, at 787-729-6777 or via e-mail at e-mail us

Be a volunteer at San Juan National Historic Site!

San Juan National Historic Site is comprised of Castillo San Felipe del Morro, Castillo San Cristóbal, Fortín San Juan de la Cruz (El Cañuelo), San Juan Gate, most of the walls that surround Old San Juan area and El Morro Trail. This is the only site administered by US National Park Service, in Puerto Rico.

Volunteer positions available at San Juan National Historic Site:

Administrative Assistant (Administration Division)

Volunteer will serve as receptionist, assists with the Time and Attendance, serves as the receiving officer, types memos, reports in draft form, organizes and maintains office files, prepares outgoing mail, operates a variety of office machines such as faxes, typewriters, calculators, computers postage meter machine, copiers, prepares minor reports, orders office supplies, receives lost and found items and issues dock numbers, prepares Bills of Collection, serves as backup within the administrative office.

Administrative Assistant (Law Enforcement Division)

Volunteer will be responsible for filing reports, maintaining data base, answering the phone and taking messages. Volunteer should be computer literate with knowledge in law enforcement and radio communications.

Park Ranger

Volunteer will research various topics based on park themes and resources to provide timely, accurate information to park visitors and staff. Intern/Volunteer will rove the park on foot to establish positive visitor contacts and informally interpret park resources.

Park Guide

Volunteer will present provided orientation talks and other programs based on park themes and resources. Volunteer Park Guide will provide timely, accurate information to park visitors and park staff. Volunteer will rove the park on foot to make positive visitor contacts.

Educational Assistant

Volunteer will assist with the park education program including designing program outlines, making program props, scheduling groups for programs, further developing curriculum for K-12 grade levels to match local state standards and division goals

Graphic Artists

Volunteer will provide artwork (line drawings or other) and graphics, or computer design and layout for various park publications, exhibits, waysides, or webpages.


Volunteer will translate park publications and interpretive information, as well as exhibits, waysides and webpage.


Volunteer will perform research and provide written work suitable for park publications and interpretive information to the public, as well as for exhibits, waysides, or webpage.

Exhibits' Maintenance

Volunteer will clean replicas from exhibits, whenever possible within public view. Volunteer will answer general questions from the public about work being performed, article being cleaned, or other questions as appropriate.


Volunteer will design and maintain a database for division of interpretation materials including books, video tapes and various files of resource materials, as well as a system to check out about materials. Volunteer will maintain and clean the facility regularly.

Library Technician

Volunteer will help with: the park's library collection inventory, provide basic care for the library collection, keep record of loaned materials and locate library materials to researchers. Volunteer will also help with other activities such as answering the phones, typing, sending faxes, etc.

Special Events Assistant

Volunteer will assist with various special large events held for the public, for example choral, Lelolai or theater production programs. Duties will vary depending on the event but may include set up and take down of chairs, answering visitor questions and providing directions and orientation information to the public, set up and take down of equipment or program props.

Data base Management

Volunteer will organize and maintain a digital database of photos and files for division of interpretation materials.

Custodial Worker

Volunteer will sweep and mop floors and removes oil, grease and other spilled liquids. Moves light boxes or other obstacles in order to clean up the area, and picks up trash and other materials. Volunteer will also remove trash and scrap from designated areas to the central pick up point as well as, wipe benches and office furniture.


Volunteer will pick up trash and garbage from grounds, building or residences, rakes leaves, pull weeds or water grass from different areas of the fortifications. Volunteer may also perform other jobs, such as helping by repairing fences, mixing concrete, and other minor jobs assigned to assist journeyman or semi-skilled masons, woodcrafter or electrician.

Maintenance Worker

Volunteer will perform routine plumbing, repairs and/or replaces drains, unclogged drains, faucets, washers, sink handles and any other minor plumbing job. Volunteer may also performs minor paint jobs such as scraping, sanding, cleaning and painting, using brushes, rollers and spray guns.

If you would like to apply please fill out the Volunteer Application Form or if you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact Cesar Carreras, Volunteers In Park Program Coordinator, at 787-729-6777 or at e-mail us. Thank you for your interest and support.

Volunteers pick up trash during a Clean Up Activity.

VIP Recognition Activity

Students, professionals and retirees form part of a very special program, the Volunteer in Parks Program of the National Park Service. They offer there precious time to help us accomplish our mission of preserving and protecting our natural, historical and cultural resources for this and future generations. This group of wonderful citizens realizes that their help, expertise and hard work are very much needed. San Juan National Historic Site would like to recognize the continue support we receive from our dedicated and compromised volunteers. Every year we recognize our volunteers' efforts during National Park Week (April 19-27, 2014) and this year we will have an activity to honor them on Wednesday, April 23, 2014. We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to all the volunteers that are working or that have worked during the past in San Juan National Historic Site. We also would like to extend an invitation to all the people that are willing to make a difference as well, to come and volunteer their time and expertise. If you wish to become a volunteer please contact César A. Carreras, Volunteer Coordinator, at 787-729-6754 x-31 or via e-mail at cesar_carreras@nps.gov. Congratulations to all the volunteers that day to day make a difference locally, nationally and internationally!!!

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