• Saugus Iron Works Panorama

    Saugus Iron Works

    National Historic Site Massachusetts

Multimedia Presentations

Iron Works on the Saugus Film

View our official park film, Iron Works on the Saugus. This 12-minute films provides an overview of the creation, operation and historical significance of Saugus Iron Works in the 17th century.

View the Saugus Iron Works Restoration, a 1950's film documenting the excavation and reconstruction of the site by the American Iron and Steel Institute. A classic.

Saugus Restoration Film
Audio Tour

The National Park Service is pleased to present this self-paced audio tour of Saugus Ironworks National Historic Site. The tour takes about an hour to complete, and consists of eight stops within the nine acre site. Click the links below to listen - or download for free on iTunes.

  1. Complete Audio Tour (36:00)
  2. Introduction (2:43)
  3. Iron Works House (4:48)
  4. Museum Building (5:39)
  5. Blast Furnace (7:16)
  6. Casting Shed (5:42)
  7. Forge (5:24)
  8. Rolling and Slitting Mill (2:41)
  9. Warehouse, Boats and Dock (2:09)
  10. Blacksmith Shop (1:33)

To listen to this tour on your computer, simply click on each link. To download onto a portable player, from a PC right-click on a link and choose "save target as." On an Apple, CTRL+click, and choose "Download file."

Did You Know?

Painting by Don Trianti depicts the first National Guard muster that took place in late 1636/7. Civilian soldiers are in formation dressed in buff coats, helmets, and bandoliers. They drill with their muskets with smoke coming from the chimneys of their thatched-roof houses in the background.

On Thursday, January 10, 2013 President Obama signed into law HR1339 which designates Salem, Massachusetts as the birthplace of the National Guard. Future ironworks founder John Winthrop, Jr. was commissioned as Lieutenant Colonel of the East Regiment on March 9, 1636/7. The East Regiment included the communities of Salem, Saugus (changed to Lynn later in 1637), Ipswich, and Newbury.