• 1905 Photograph of Sagamore Hill

    Sagamore Hill

    National Historic Site New York

Things To Do

Sagamore Hill is a destination for tens of thousands of visitors each year. People who appreciate history really enjoy visiting the site. It provides a fine example of a well-preserved 19th century house, is the only presidential site on Long Island, and is a showcase for one of America's best-loved, larger-than-life personalities.

The site is significant in other ways as well. Its eighty three acres of forested areas, meadows, salt marsh and beach are home to birds, small mammals, turtles, frogs and insects. Paths and a nature trail provide a wonderful place to walk with your family or a pet and to enjoy the scenery.

Sagamore Hill also hosts several special events and programs throughout the year.

A picnic area is available for visitors to enjoy an outdoor meal. Food, other than small snacks and beverages, is not available on site, so plan on bringing your own lunch. There are also many restaurants available in the nearby towns of Oyster Bay (a ten minute drive) East Norwich (fifteen minutes), Cold Spring Harbor (twenty minutes) and Huntington (twenty-five minutes).

Did You Know?


Alice Lee and Theodore Roosevelt were married on his 22 nd birthday, October 27, 1880. They took their honeymoon in Europe the following summer, where Roosevelt included climbing Switzerland’s most famous Alpine peak—the Matterhorn, almost 15,000 feet tall—in his adventures.