• The Little Studio and Saint-Gaudens' home


    National Historic Site New Hampshire

Scenic Vistas

Mt. Ascutney in Vermont seen from the Pan Garden

Mt. Ascutney in Vermont, seen from the Pan Garden at Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site

Saint-Gaudens NHS sits on a west facing slope with an excellent view of Mount Ascutney and the Green Mountains of Vermont. Mount Ascutney’s classic profile rises 2500 feet above the surrounding terrain. This major landscape feature changes seasonally, from a cloud enshrouded purple peak, to a golden autumn tapestry, to a green and white winter collage. Especially notable views of the mountain can be seen from the Perennial Garden, the Pergola of the Little Studio, the Birch Grove and Pan Fountain, and from the West Porch of Aspet. A popular place to watch the sunset is from the West Porch of Aspet (Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ home). From here you can watch the sun sink slowly below the horizon, coloring Mount Ascutney and the countryside with an array of colors. Many visitors bring picnics to spread upon the ground and enjoy while they wait for the show to begin.

Did You Know?

Relief of Robert Louis Stevenson by Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Bas-relief is the most difficult form of sculpture. The detail is achieved by the way that light strikes the relief’s shallow surface, creating shadows that give an illusion of depth. Some of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ portrait reliefs are only 1/8th of an inch deep.