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Indian Pipe plant

Close up photograph of an Indian Pipe plant at Saint-Gaudens NHS

Within the more than four hundred vascular plants found at Saint-Gaudens several species are noteworthy because they near the limit of their range in this area. The American Sycamore probably reaches the northern limit of its range in the Connecticut River valley at this site. Bitternut Hickory and Black Birch are also near their northern range limit, and Two-leaved Mitrewort is near its eastern range limit. Indian Pipe is fairly common and unique plant found at the site. It has the distinction of lacking chlorophyll, which accounts for its ghostly white appearance.

Did You Know?

Relief of Robert Louis Stevenson by Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Bas-relief is the most difficult form of sculpture. The detail is achieved by the way that light strikes the relief’s shallow surface, creating shadows that give an illusion of depth. Some of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ portrait reliefs are only 1/8th of an inch deep.