• The Little Studio and Saint-Gaudens' home


    National Historic Site New Hampshire

Be A Junior Ranger


The new Junior Ranger patch, a silhouette of the famous piece, Diana.

Junior Ranger Program

A Junior Ranger program is available at the park for children. The tasks should be able to be completed during an average hour and a half visit to the park on any day of the week. When finished successfully, the child will receive a 3 in. diameter patch depicting the Diana in silhouette, created by Saint-Gaudens.

Did You Know?

Corn Flakes Box

Augustus Saint-Gaudens was one of the first people to eat corn flakes. The cereal was invented by John and Will Kellogg in 1894 and commercially produced in 1906. Saint-Gaudens corresponded with Dr. John Kellogg in his later years and was prescribed Corn Flakes as a health food.