Object Collections

Beakhead from the barkentine Charles F. Crocker, 1891 (SAFR 9340)

Beakhead from the barkentine Charles F. Crocker, 1891 (SAFR 9340)

NPS photo


The museum object collections contain approximately 35,000 items that represent the lives of the men and women who built and sailed vessels along the Pacific Coast of North America as well as those who worked in maritime related industries or relied on the maritime community for their transportation needs. Among these items are artifacts dating back to San Francisco's gold rush days, as well as more recent items from the twentieth century, fine art, tools and equipment used in maritime endeavors, the personal effects of sailors and passengers, and parts of historic vessels.

Access to the Park's stored museum artifact and stored small craft collection is currently unavailable as we move these collections to a new facility. The archival collections continue to be available via appointment. Decisions regarding potential new acquisitions to the museum collection will be deferred until January 2013 when the move is complete. If you are in need of research assistance during this time, please contact us. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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