C. A. Thayer

A wooden sailing vessel with three masts. SAFR E3.8495n

The lumber schooner, C. A. THAYER, at Gray's Harbor in 1903.

NPS, SAFR E3.8495n

Extreme Length 219 feet
Length on Deck
156 feet
Beam 36 feet
Depth 11.38 feet
Gross Tonnage
Height of Mainmast
105 feet


l The CA Thayer is a wooden-hulled, three-masted schooner, designed for carrying lumber.
l She was built in 1895 in Northern California at Hans D. Bendixsen’s shipyard in Fairhaven, CA.
l The original hull was made of dense, old-growth Douglas fir carefully chosen for shipbuilding.
l She sailed with a small crew consisting of four seamen, two mates, a cook, and the captain.



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