• A section of the bowsprint and figurehead on the bow of BALCLUTHA.

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  • Ferryboat EUREKA closed for maintenance.

    Ferryboat EUREKA is closed for maintenance. The gangway that links the ship to the pier is being repaired.

WAPAMA Dismantling

A red crane lifting a large engine off a ship.
As measured by the crane, the engine weighs 82,000 pounds.
NPS, July 2013
A large triple expansion engine that powered the steam schooner WAPAMA.
WAPAMA's engine on land. A triple expansion engine, Indicated Horsepower (ihp) 800, built by the Main Iron Works of San Francisco. The engine was powered by water tube boilers, and the boilers burned diesel oil.
NPS, July 2013
An orange crane positioned over the bow of a wooden-hulled vessel.
Canopy at bow being removed, April 2013.
A mechanical crane lifting a pilothouse off a ship.
Last week (May 20-24, 2013), after severing the deck beams underneath, WAPAMA'S 30 x 10 foot pilothouse was lifted onto a flatbed truck by a long reach, shoreside crane.
The pilothouse hanging from a crane.
Although the abatement and prep work took quite awhile, the pick itself took less than 10 minutes.
The pilothouse being lowered onto a truck.
The pilothouse is set on the truck bed.
The pilothouse was then transported to a warehouse for storage.
A large, white wooden bow of a steam schooner.
WAPAMA'S bow, surrounded by sheeting, being painted white to encapsulate hazardous material.

Did You Know?

Clipper card, SAFR 16981

Clipper cards were small, often colorful cards issued to advertise specific voyages from one port to another, usually from Boston or New York to San Francisco. Their heyday was the late 1850s to early 1860s. More...