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Now Showing! We have a variety of videos that will help you find the trail, travel the trail, and experience the trail. Have fun!

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Exhibits - View a series of outdoor exhibits at various sites along the Santa Fe Trail. Take the virtual journey and then visit the site!

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Listen to a reading of the Santa Fe National Historic Trail Official Map & Guide brochure:

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Official Map and Guide
To read the text and to download the brochure, please see the Santa Fe National Historic Trail Official Map and Guide, front side.


Travel the Trail: Map Timeline 1821 - 1880
William Becknell opened up the Santa Fe Trail, between the Missouri River and the Mexican provincial capital of Santa Fe, in the fall of 1821. The route played a major role in bringing people, goods, and ideas to and from Santa Fe for the next 59 years. However, the Santa Fe Trail was rarely a static entity, because both the route across the plains and the eastern terminus of the trail was constantly in flux. Read More

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