• Photo of mist drifting over Moraine Park meadow on a spring morning. NPS Photo by C. Brindle

    Rocky Mountain

    National Park Colorado

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  • Impacts from September 2013 Flood - Old Fall River Road, Alluvial Fan and Trails

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Road Status Report

Rocky Mountain National Park has the highest paved roads in any National Park in the United States. Trail Ridge Road crests at 12,183 feet. Due to the high elevations and exposure, park roads are subject to strong winds and rapid weather changes. Road conditions in and around the park can change quickly, particularly in the spring and fall.

Trail Ridge Road: OPEN FOR THE SEASON. It will remain open as long as weather and conditions permit.

Trail Ridge Road was not designed to be an all-season road, as 11 miles are above 11,500 feet and there are no shoulders and few guardrails.

Because weather conditions may change rapidly, particularly in spring and fall, park visitors should be prepared to adjust travel plans accordingly and are encouraged to call the park's Trail Ridge Road recorded status line at 970-586-1222.

To learn more about this scenic drive, click here.

For information about Rocky Mountain National Park call 970-586-1206 daily 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Mountain Time).

Colorado Division of Transportation (CDOT) - Traveler Information: For information about roads outside the park call 303-639-1111 from Denver or out-of-state. For inquiries within Colorado but outside the Denver area, please call 877-315-7623. Or visit the CDOT website at http://www.cotrip.org/roadConditions.htm

Old Fall River Road: CLOSED through 2014
Damages on Old Fall River Road from the September 2013 flood are extensive and the road will remain closed to vehicles through 2014. Old Fall River Road has remained open to pedestrians through the winter and early spring - bicycles and pets are not permitted. Once the construction begins, (date to be determined) the road will be closed to pedestrians in addition to vehicles and bicycles. The closure will extend from the east end of Endovalley Road just west of the Lawn Lake Trailhead parking area, to the upper west end of the road to the Alpine Visitor Center. This closure will include the Alluvial Fan, and the east and west Alluvial Fan parking areas. The closure will extend 200 feet from the center line to both sides of the road corridor. The closure does not include the Fall River waterway and bank. Areas affected by this closure may be adjusted as construction work proceeds.

For additional information on flood impacts in the park, see the Flood Impacts and Closures page.

Other Roads
Bear Lake Road: OPEN

Fern Lake Road: OPEN

Wild Basin Road: OPEN

Twin Sisters Trailhead Access Road: OPEN

Upper Beaver Meadows Road: OPEN

Endovalley Road: OPEN from Horseshoe Park to the East Alluvial Fan Parking Area. Endovalley Road is closed to leashed pets and bicycles at the barricade at the East Alluvial Fan Parking Area.

For information about other area closures in the park, click here.

Like to see as many byways as you can? On the outskirts of Rocky is the oldest Colorado Scenic Byway, Peak to Peak, and another America's Byway, the Colorado River Headwaters. To discover more about other Colorado Scenic Byways click here.

Updated: June 9, 2014, 10:10 a.m.

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