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    Rocky Mountain

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Bivouac Sites

A bivouac is defined as a temporary, open-air encampment.

  • Permits are issued only to technical climbers.
  • The climb must be 4 or more technical pitches and 3½ or more miles from the trailhead.
  • Party size is limited to 4 people and all members must be climbing.
  • A bivouac must be established.
    1. within the designated bivy zone, or at the base or on the face of the climb.
    2. at least 200' (70 adult steps) from water.
    3. with camp set up at dusk and taken down before dawn.
    4. without the use of erected type shelters, tents or supported tarps.
    5. on rock or snow only, not on vegetation, and out of meadows.
  • Fires prohibited. Use portable stoves only.
  • Stock prohibited.


Number of Climbers

Longs Peak Bivies

Longs Peak-Broadway


Longs Peak-Chasm View


Longs Peak-Meeker Cirque


Longs Peak-Mills Glacier


Glacier Gorge Bivies

Arrowhead-Solitude Lake


McHenrys Peak


Upper Glacier Gorge


Notchtop Bivy

Notchtop Mountain


Sky Pond Bivies

Sky Pond


The Gash



Did You Know?

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Rocky Mountain National Park volunteers give more than 100,000 hours a year to the park. That equals approximately 48 full-time employees. More...