• Photo of early morning clouds hanging low in the valley with mountains of the Continental Divide stretched out above. NPS Photo/Schonlau

    Rocky Mountain

    National Park Colorado

Forest Health

Photo beetle killed trees on the west side of the park

Effects of the mountain pine beetle on Rocky's forests first appeared on the west side of the park.

NPS Photo by Debbie Mason

Forest health describes the condition and diversity of trees and other vegetation, as well as the status of important forest processes like nutrient cycling. Healthy forests provide suitable habitat for native animals and plants, purify air and water, and help regulate the climate. Forests also provide valuable recreational opportunities and important natural resources for fuel, lumber, and paper.

Monitoring forest health in Rocky Mountain National Park helps resource managers understand the overall condition of the forests, including the prevalence of forest pests and diseases, as well as the impact of air pollution and other stresses.

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