• Photo of early morning clouds hanging low in the valley with mountains of the Continental Divide stretched out above. NPS Photo/Schonlau

    Rocky Mountain

    National Park Colorado


Field Study

Invertebrate field study.

Courtey of NPS

National parks preserve our most treasured natural places and provide us with some of the most amazing outdoor classrooms in the world. The education program at Rocky Mountain National Park has been inspiring students for almost 20 years. Set against the backdrop of 72 peaks that tower over 12,000 feet, Rocky Mountain is home to four distinct ecosystems, 12,000 years of human history, and over 1.7 billion years of geologic history.

Taking students into the field provides them with real-world examples of what they learn in the classroom. The educational programs at Rocky Mountain National Park provide hands-on experiences that can support and enhance your learning objectives. Each program is based on the real science, history, and/or geography of the area. The dedicated education staff at Rocky Mountain National Park utilize the resources throughout the park to conduct standards-based programs. Our lessons and activities encourage students to explore, experience, and engage in the learning process. Come discover the learning opportunities and potential lessons that exist in this unique outdoor classroom!


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