Racoon foraging

Racoon, such as those found in RNBP, foraging stream side for a tasty meal


Richmond National Battlefield Park provides refuge for both animals and people seeking asylum from the busy city atmosphere. Many of Virginia's native animal species can be found within the park's various habitats. Visitors may glimpse deer, groundhogs, raccoons and many other creatures not commonly seen outside of protected lands.

The transition between maintained and un-maintained park areas provides an excellent variety of habitats. This variety is essential for supporting a diverse animal population. For example, the savannah-like forest created at Cold Harbor by prescribed burning attracts a large diversity of woodpeckers and cavity nesting birds. The wetland areas at Malvern Hill and Beaver Dam Creek, enhanced by beaver activity, provide habitat for fish, water birds, and turtles. The old growth forest community at Gaines' Mill is ideal habitat for flying squirrels, and the open field areas at Gaines' Mill and Malvern Hill create habitat for snakes, rodents, and grassland birds.

Encompassing these various communities, Richmond National Battlefield Park not only provides undisturbed habitat but also creates valuable transition zones that encourage diversity and natural interactions.

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