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Sheridan Inn

Sheridan Inn, where Buffalo Bill entertained his guests

Sheridan, Wyoming

In 1892 Sheridan, Wyoming, was at the end of the tracks, and the Sheridan Inn was built in six months for a cost of $25,000, to fill the need for accommodations. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, world-renowned showman, quickly purchased the inn to start his W.F. Cody Hotel Company, and often held auditions for his Wild West Show on the inn’s front lawn, offering train passengers an up-close glimpse of the “Wild West.” Despite becoming a national historic landmark, the inn closed its doors in 1965. In 1967, a New York heiress purchased the inn and kept it running until it went bankrupt in 1990. Thanks to a Save America’s Treasures grant for structural rehabilitation, today the site is on its way to becoming a boutique hotel for the area that still offers guests a seat at the original bar that Buffalo Bill called his own.

Photo: Sheridan Inn, where Buffalo Bill entertained his guests
– NPS file

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