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Minuteman Cold War Sites

Oscar-Zero Missile Alert Facility launch control

Rural Cooperstown, North Dakota

Being preserved by The State Historical Society of North Dakota, the Cold War Minuteman bases represent the conclusive step in the construction of this unique architectural form and the final element in the strategy of land-based nuclear deterrence. The two sites include a Missile Alert Facility designated as Oscar Zero (O-0) and a Launch Facility designated as November 33 (N-33), which are the last remaining vestiges of the 321st Missile Wing in North Dakota. The other 149 missile silos and 14 launch controls were demolished by Space Command of the US Air Force under the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) signed in 1991 by President Bush and Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev. The Wing was maintained and operated out of Grand Forks Air Force Base and was part of the first Minuteman II squadron in the country It became operational on December 7, 1966. A Save America's Treasures grant is helping to restore the facility as a historic site.

Photo: Oscar-Zero Missile Alert Facility launch control
– Library of Congress

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