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Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

Little Rock Central High School

Little Rock, Arkansas

On the morning of September 23, 1957, nine African American teenagers stood up to an angry crowd protesting integration in front of Little Rock's Central High as they entered the school for the first time. This event, broadcast around the world, made Little Rock the site of the first important test of the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic Brown v. Board of Education decision. Today, Little Rock Central High School is an icon of the Civil Rights movement that still functions as a public high school. It is well preserved, thanks to a $2.5 million NPS Save America’s Treasures grant to fund restoration. The school was designated a national historic landmark on May 20, 1982, and is the only operating school with this status. Visitors can see the beautiful school and learn its history at a National Park Service visitor center.

Photo: Little Rock Central High School

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