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Farrell Block (The Stone Block)

The Farrell Block in 2010

Downtown Hastings, Nebraska

The Farrell Block dates back to the early days of Nebraska history, when Hastings was a railroad stop incorporated as a town in 1874. Six years later in 1880 the Farrell Block was completed, becoming the first stone building in the community. Constructed of local sandstone from a mine operated by builder Thomas Farrell, this landmark transformed the streets of downtown Hastings. Now, it has been restored to house residents and retailers with help from an NPS Federal Historical Perseveration Tax Credit. The $1.4 million renovation in 2010 repaired historic features, removed modern alterations, and upgraded building systems. The Farrell Block has reclaimed its original appearance and continues to serve the community as a mixed-use property. It was also listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

Photo: The Farrell Block in 2010
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