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Arthur Simmons' Stables Historic District

Arthur Simmons' Stables

Mexico, Missouri

There’s a reason the Mexico, Missouri, was once known as “Saddle horse Capital of the World.” The main stable of Arthur Simmons’ Stables was built in 1887 by Cyrus Clark and is considered to be the oldest, largest, continuously used public wooden stable in the U.S. Throughout its history, the Simmons’ Stables produced world champion horses and was associated with world famous trainers and riders such as Tom Bass, John T. Hook, and Arthur Simmons. The Stables also played a leading role in the development of the breed standards of the American Saddlebred. This historic site was in poor condition until it won a $250,000 Save America’s Treasures matching grant in 2005 for its repair.

Photo: Arthur Simmons' Stables

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