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Sloss Furnaces

Heavy machinery of the Sloss Furnaces

Birmingham, Alabama

Established in 1881, Sloss Furnaces played a major role in the development of Birmingham, Alabama. The historic structures at Sloss are outstanding examples of post-Civil War efforts to industrialize not only Birmingham and Alabama but the entire southern tier of American states. They are reminders of the intense economic competition that began to develop between the predominantly agrarian South and the industrialized North in the later part of the 19th century. Now recognized as a national historic landmark, Sloss Furnaces provides a variety of educational programs related to the genesis of industrial Birmingham as well as tours and metal arts classes. A Save America’s Treasures grant helped preserve the Number One furnace at Sloss.

Photo: Heavy machinery of the Sloss Furnaces
– Courtesy National Historic Landmark Collection / George R. Adams

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