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Homestead-Horton Neighborhood Historic District

Looking west on Homestead Place

Canal Street, Horton Place, and Homestead Place

Brattleboro , VT

Vermont may be known today for growing food organically, but a different type of “organic” growth took place in Brattleboro in the second half of the nineteenth century. Jacob Estey founded the Estey Organ Company in 1853. It employed eight people. By the end of the century it employed 700. The Homestead-Horton neighborhood grew accordingly, doubling in population. Despite a fire and flood in 1869, a harmonious group of residential buildings, constructed between 1840 and 1915, survives to this day, many of them in the distinctive Queen Anne style.

Photo: Looking west on Homestead Place
– L. Papazian, courtesy of the Vermont Historical Society

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