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Matinicus Rock Light Station

Matinicus Rock Light Station

Matinicus Island, Maine

53 Burgess Cove

Fifteen miles off the coast of Maine lies a lighthouse with a story to tell. It is the Matinicus Light Station on Matinicus Rock, the scene of heroics in 1856. In that year, one of the most ferocious storms ever to pummel the coast of Maine struck the island while lighthouse keeper Captain Samuel Burgess Grant was away on the mainland gathering supplies. Incredibly, the storm continued to rage for nearly a month, preventing the Captain’s return. Abbie Grant, just 17 years old, immediately stepped into the breach and, while nursing sick family members, managed to keep the lighthouse functioning until her father could regain the island. No one knows how many lives were saved by her actions, but in recognition, the U.S. Coast Guard honored Abbie by naming a Keeper Class buoy tender the Abbie Burgess (WLM-553).

Photo: Matinicus Rock Light Station

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