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Indian Statue

Black Hawk

Lowden State Park, Oregon, Illinois

The 48-foot high statue known as Black Hawk is the creation of sculptor Lorado Taft, a national figure in the United States art world from the 1890s to his death in 1936. Completed in 1911, the statue is situated on a bluff overlooking the Rock River in Lowden State Park. The statue and its nearly 15-foot-high pedestal are made of reinforced, poured-in-place concrete, and the statue is finished with a layer of pink granite chips. As the largest monolithic poured concrete statue in the United States at the time, the statue announced a new use for modern cement in art. The statue was one of the most important pieces of public sculpture in its time, attracting international attention.

Photo: Black Hawk
– Courtesy of Illinois State Historic Preservation Office

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