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Anna Ranch

Anna Leialoha Perry-Fiske in 1939

Kameula, HI

As a young girl, Anna Lindsey rode horses, roped cattle, and helped mend fences alongside her father and brothers on their ranch in Hawai’i County. In later years, she competed in horse races, branded cattle, and brought the beef to market, living the life of a Hawaiian rancher and cowboy. The history of the Anna Ranch tells the story and lifestyle of many small family ranches in Hawai’i. The house and outbuildings, constructed between 1910 and 1930, have retained their historic appearance and integrity. One of the earliest ranches in Hawaii, the Anna Ranch still operates as a working ranch.

Photo: Anna Leialoha Perry-Fiske in 1939
– Courtesy of Hawaii State Historic Preservation Office and the Anna Ranch Heritage Center

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