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Bullion Plaza School

East facade, looking west across Bullion Plaza

Miami, Arizona

The Bullion Plaza School in Gila County is important for its association with the history of Hispanic American segregation. Young Hispanic students who did not “look white” attended Bullion Plaza School, segregated from white students. At the time there were no Hispanic segregation laws, but school administrators thought vocational schools were needed for Mexican American students, who they believed were unable to perform well in traditional subjects. The Bullion Plaza School, built in 1923, represents this time of “Mexican schools” because of its configuration and operation as a vocational training center. The school was integrated in the 1950s and was used until it was deemed unsafe and abandoned in 1994. It was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on November 27, 2000.

Photo: East facade, looking west across Bullion Plaza
– Courtesy Arizona State Historic Preservation Office

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