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Red Fox

Red Fox
A young Red Fox near El Polin Spring. Note tag on ear, placed there when it was a pup at the Presidio.
Will Elder, NPS

Natural History: The Red Fox is an introduced species at the Presidio. It is essentially a nocturnal animal, but occasionally feeds during the day, and more at dawn and dusk. Red foxes mainly eat small mammals like rabbits, rats, and mice. If food is plentiful, they may kill more than they immediately need, and cache the extra food. This species has adapted well to urban areas, where their abundance and feeding habits can impact the remaining native species.

General Distribution: Introduced many places by hunting clubs, the red fox is now widespread across most of the United States. It likes mixed field and scrub areas and tends to stay away from heavily forested areas.

Frequency: The Red Fox is common in the Presidio.

Identifying Characteristics: The Red Fox has a red fur on its back and tail, the end of which is black tipped with white. It tends to have a large white bib under its throat.


Did You Know?

Jerry Garica was a founding member of the Grateful Dead.

A young Jerry Garcia was stationed at the Presidio during his brief service in the U.S. Army. Over the course of his nine-month career, Garcia went AWOL eight times and received two court-martials.