Broad-Footed Mole

Also known as the California Mole, the Broad-Footed Mole is a subterranean tunnel dweller that favors areas of moist soil. This animal is active year-round and is most likely to be seen after a rainfall. The broad-footed mole eats insects and other invertebrates just below the ground surface. A highly territorial creature, the mole breeds from February to May; its young emerge from their nests in June.

The broad-footed mole is typically 13 to 15 centimeters in length and has a naked nose. It is virtually black in color and, as the name suggests, has broad front feet. It is difficult to distinuish from the Pacific Mole. In the Presidio, this species is found in annual grasslands, forests, lawns, and riparian areas. It is most often seen near Lobos Creek and Inspiration Point.


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