Architecture: Queen Anne (1880 - 1890)

Building 59 circa 1930

Constructed on the Main Post in 1885, Building 59 served as an officer's quarters. Photo taken 1924-1938.

National Park Service, GGNRA

Imported from England during the mid-nineteenth century, the eclectic Queen Anne style was based on historic models of decorative medieval forms. Similar to Victorian architecture, building plans in the Queen Anne style are often asymmetrical, featuring wrap-around porches, turrets, angled roof brackets, and different combinations and applications of exterior building materials. The large officers' quarters located at Funston and Presidio Boulevards represent the Presidio's version of the Queen Anne style, which features a cleaner, less ornate design than the colorful civilian homes found throughout the San Francisco.
Buildings 59 and 58 today.

Buildings 59 and 58 (behind as they appear today.

National Park Service, GGNRA


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