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  • 2014 Harbor Seal Pupping Season Closures

    From March 1 through June 30, the park implements closures of certain Tomales Bay beaches and Drakes Estero to water-based recreation to protect harbor seals during the pupping season. Please avoid disturbing seals to ensure a successful pupping season. More »

  • 2014 Winter Shuttle Bus Operations Have Ended

    March 30, 2014, was the last day for the 2014 Winter Shuttle Bus System. Sir Francis Drake Blvd. is open daily from now through late December 2014. More »

  • Operational Changes Took Effect on May 1, 2013

    The Lighthouse Visitor Center is now only open Fridays through Mondays; closed Tuesdays through Thursdays, including Thanksgiving. The Kenneth C. Patrick Visitor Center is open on weekends and holidays when shuttles are operating. More »

Reading Room: Photographs: Giacomini Wetlands Resource Monitoring Camera

Below are descriptions of directories containing the Resource Monitoring Camera photographs taken of the Giacomini Wetlands. The camera was programmed to capture images every hour on the hour from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. from September 16, 2008 through January 8, 2009. There may be gaps when there were camera malfunctions, dead batteries, full memory cards, etc.

The photos in the subsequent directories may not currently be displayed in sequential order. We are working on correcting this issue, so changes may be made in the future.

Click on a hyperlinked date or date range below to open up the desired directory. Images are each ~300 KB in size.

Images from Date(s) # of Images Start Date & Time Start Image End Date & Time End Image
September 16–18, 2008


9/16/08 11:00 AM IMG_0001.JPG 9/18/08 7:00 AM IMG_0019.JPG
September 20–October 6, 2008


9/20/08 9:00 AM IMG_0001.JPG 10/6/08 7:00 AM IMG_0175.JPG
October 17–19, 2008


10/17/08 7:00 AM IMG_0001.JPG 10/19/08 5:00 PM IMG_0033.JPG
October 20–23, 2008


10/20/08 7:00 AM IMG_0001.JPG 10/23/08 7:00 AM IMG_0034.JPG
October 23–27, 2008


10/23/08 11:00 AM IMG_0001.JPG 10/27/08 12:00 PM IMG_0049.JPG
October 27–November 26, 2008


10/27/08 1:00 PM IMG_0001.JPG 11/26/08 3:00 PM IMG_0333.JPG
November 26, 2008–January 6, 2009


11/26/08 4:00 PM IMG_0001.JPG 1/6/09 3:00 PM IMG_0451.JPG

* celebration-10-08.jpg is a renamed duplicate of IMG_0037.JPG

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