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California poppies, a tidy-tips and a checker-bloom in bloom

For wildflower enthusiasts, a trip to Point Reyes in the spring and summer is a must. Wildflowers bloom at the Seashore February through August, depending on many factors including the amount and frequency of rains. Colors range throughout the spectrum and across many sizes. They can be viewed in many habitats including woodlands, scrublands, grasslands, coastal bluffs, beach, dunes, disturbed areas, salt marsh edges. Abbotts Lagoon, Chimney Rock and Tomales Point are just a few of the locations where the flowers bloom early in the season.

Remember that wildflowers are protected by law in national parks. Please don’t pick the wildflowers or crush them by straying off the trails.

In late winter and early spring, the Seashore offers ranger-led Wildflower Walks. Check our Ranger-Guided Programs page for more details.

Point Reyes National Seashore Wildflower Species List (341 KB PDF)

The Marin Chapter California Native Plants Society has also compiled Comprehensive Plant Lists for various Marin County locations, including Abbotts Lagoon and Chimney Rock.

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Did You Know?

The pernicious Cig Egret makes its nest in beaches, estuaries, and marshes. Physical removal is the only means of eradication.

40 percent of all debris items picked up during California Coastal Cleanup Days are cigarette butts. In 2008, volunteers picked up over 340,000 of them in only three hours. 2008 was the 24th straight year in which cigarette butts were the most numerous debris item picked up. More...