12 - A Few of Pipe Spring's Historical Figures

Charles Pulsipher

Charles Pulsipher was the superintendent of the tithing ranch at Pipe Spring 1877-1879.

Margaret Cox

Margaret (Maggie) Cox worked as a hired girl at the Pipe Spring ranch in the late 1890s. She eventually married the future owner’s son Charles Heaton.

Pipe Spring Cowboys in 1904

Pipe Spring Cowboys in 1904

Joseph and Harriett Brown

Joseph and Harriett Brown managed the Pipe Spring ranch in the early 1880s

Elijah Averett

Elijah Averett and his twin brother Elisha were master stonemasons who, at 60 years old, helped build Winsor Castle.

Edwin D. Woolley

Edwin D. Woolley brought his second wife, Flora,and her children to Pipe Spring in 1886. They stayed to the early 1890s, the anti-polygamy raid years.

Eliza Luella (Ella) Stewart

Eliza Luella (Ella) Stewart was the first telegraph operator at Pipe Spring, 1871. At 16 years old this was her first job away from home.

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